CREATURES OF HABIT by Pakui Hardware
SIC, Helsinki, 5.8.–3.9.2017

Materials: iron, water-proof heavy duty fabric, UV prints on silicone, chia seeds, liquid containers, repair lamp, silicone rubber

Immersed in leisure while automated bodies scurry around carrying out our daily routines and work, we devote ourselves to spiritual and cultural augmentation, cultivation of our creativity and fitness. Everyone is familiar with such kind of phantasy of automation. It is, of course, accessible to only part of the future post-working class.

While as today, metallic bodies of the automated companions are stretched over with uniforms. Shielding their surfaces from hazardous environments, these clothing, made of disposable cellophane, soft textiles or expensive hard duty, heat-resistant fabrics, bring them even closer to their human co- workers, blending the organic and automated into a synthetic whole. The covered 'bodies' merge machine-human features and gestures, creating an assembly of yet unknown or transitory species.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Kiasma Theatre's URB 17 Festival.

Architects of the exhibition: Ona Lozuraityte and Petras Isora.

Photo credits: Ugnius Gelguda
Courtesy: the artists