Pakui Hardware, Extrakorporal, solo show curated by Thomas Thiel, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Germany, 2018

The exhibition Extrakorporal immerses the viewer in a Petri dish, or perhaps in a shamanistic realm? Here, organs and tissues grow outside bodies, the future behavior of which is still a matter for speculation. Turritopsis jellyfish and sea-urchin larvae alike are examined cell by cell in an attempt to track down the recipe that makes them immortal. Seemingly familiar yet elusive objects are suspended in space and appear to evoke the inexplicable energies of self-rejuvenation, and they are reminiscent of ritualistic masks. They resemble trophies gained by extracting the essence of the life and, hence, of the immortality these sea creatures possess.

Materials: glass, thermoformed Plexiglas, textiles, artificial fur, leather, silicone, chia seeds, latex rubber, PVC film, soil, various dried plants, sea-urchin spikes, metal holders, polyester wall

More information:

All images by Ugnius Gelguda
Courtesy: the artists
Commissioned by Bielefelder Kunstverein