LOST HERITAGE by Pakui Hardware
Solo exhibition at Kim?, Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, 2015

With every limb there is detachment. Cut.

Cut-open limbs with silicone arteries stretched through their hollowed shells. Slimy surfaces of never-sweating bodies. Programmed biological efficiency, exact as a mission with military precision. Micro-beginnings of species outside of nature. Human-created-designed-programmed organisms crawl out sterile laboratories.

With every limb there is detachment.

That pink of your prosthetic teeth is most attractive.


Studio-grown Global Grass, coated waterproof plywood, wheels, plaster, resin, silicone, tripod, LED lamp

Plastic container, edible Icing Color (Rose), hydrant system, Cristallo Extra hose pipe, water pump, R-Duino microcontroller

Photo credits: Ugnius Gelguda
Courtesy: the artists