Capital traveling through bodies and materials

Pakui Hardware is the name coined by curator Alex Ross (NY) for the collaborative artist duo Neringa Cerniauskaite and Ugnius Gelguda, which began in 2014. The title Pakui Hardware refers to Pakui – special attendant of Hawaiian Goddess, who could circle Oahu island six times in a day. Thus Pakui Hardware is high-speed and brand politics as mythic semio-commodity as well as the desire to transcend the material limitations. Semio-Capital meets materiality.

The duo's work spans around the relationship between materiality, technology, and economy. How technology is shaping current economy and the physical reality itself, including the human body. In relation to the velocity of technological development, the matter becomes both an obstacle and a vehicle. These questions are analyzed through such examples as High Frequency Trading, Prometheanism, synthetic biology and new materiality.

Artist are represented by EXILE, Berlin.


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Pakui Hardware is the name (coined by Alex Ross, Hester Gallery, NY) for the collaborative artist duo Neringa Cerniauskaite and Ugnius Gelguda which began in 2014. Artists are represented by EXILE, Berlin. Their latest solo shows include venues of MUMOK, Vienna, EXILE Gallery, Berlin, SIC, Helsinki (forthcoming), Podium, Oslo, ExoExo, Paris, kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt, Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius, 321 Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. The artists have participated in group shows at Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland, Kunstverein Brauschweig and Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany, MMOMA, Moscow, Assembly Point, London, 20th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, Sao Paulo, National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Kunsthalle Tallinn, Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Valentin, Paris, Soy Capitan, Berlin, Zacheta National Gallery Showroom, Warsaw. The artists were IASPIS grant holders in Sweden, 2014 and residents at Rupert, Vilnius.

Ugnius Gelguda is an artist based in Berlin.

Neringa Cerniauskaite is an artist, curator, writer. She contributes texts for exhibitions’ catalogues and international magazines (Artforum, Flash Art, Parkett,, MAP, Mousse magazine). She is an editor of the web-based art magazine that was launched in 2008. She is a M.A. graduate, 2014, at Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies, NY.

Both artists are based in Berlin and Vilnius.


Iaspis Art Grant, The Swedish Arts Grants, Sweden
Nominee for the HENKEL ART.AWARD.2013, Vienna

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