Shape Shifter, hardcover book published by Günther-Peill-Stiftung, Düren, Germany, 2021

“Shape Shifters” encompasses the last five years of Pakui Hardware’s practice, starting from their interest in hybrid species and ending with explorations of technological care. The expansive visual archive is accompanied by special essay contributions by a philosopher Yuk Hui, a historian and sociologist of science Hannah Landecker, a curator and writer Alvin Li, and an interview with Saliva Magazine (Ilona Dergach). This book is published on the occasion of the solo exhibition “Shapeshifters” by Pakui Hardware at Leopold-Hoesch museum in Düren, Germany.

Published by: Günther-Peill-Stiftung, Düren
Concept: Pakui Hardware
Editors: Pakui Hardware, Andreas Prinzing
Design: Vytautas Volbekas
Edition: 500

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Underbelly catalog published by MdbK, Leipzig, Germany, 2020

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Vanilla Eyes catalog published by mumok, Vienna and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König Köln, 2016

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                                                                                               Pakui HradwarePakui Hradware Underbelly, MdbK Leipzig, 2020                                                                                           Pakui HardwarePakui Hardware Vanilla Eyes, Walther König, 2016